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Home Born in 1971 to a financially challenged family, David the founder of Red Button Creations, grew up surrounded by books, art supplies, and Legos, A.K.A. practical child hood accessories that offered more creative bang for the familyıs hard earned buck.

Years later, David is still surrounded by books, art supplies, and Legos, as well as a few of them new dufangled contraptions known as the personal computer which David now utilizes daily in the pursuit of creative happiness.

Schooled in narrative illustration, with interests ranging from classic mythology to applied technology, David has spent the last six years homing his illustration and visual design skills while working in a variety of professional industries including advertising, engineering, architecture, and most recently medical. Though through it all what David desires most to do is too return to his roots as a narrative illustrator.

With the launch of Red Button Creation, David takes his first steps of returning to those roots by providing the world with an active showcase of his former creative works as well as a reliable means for those with a need / want for his creative talents and technical skills to contact him for future creative projects.
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